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A huge thank you from the project group for this fantastic year!

Picture from the project team's last visit to Science Village in September this year (2023). Image of Space, Möllan, and Möllegården. Image: C. Schubert.

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The project team for the Science Village establishment (Stage 2) would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you who have been with us and supported us over the past year. Whether you have shared crucial information about spaces and schedules, participated in our workshops, or simply shown interest by attending our information meetings, your engagement has meant a lot to us. So, thank you very much!

We are currently putting the finishing touches on the premises programme for Stage 2. The completed programme will be sent to the rector by the end of December. For those who want to learn more about our work, you are welcome to attend our information meeting on February 5th at 3:00 PM to 4:15 PM. There, we will provide an in-depth overview of the premises programme and share the activities the group will focus on in 2024. See you in Lundmark Hall, in the Astronomy House. Everyone from the university is welcome to participate in this internal information meeting.

Some members of the project team will unfortunately be leaving us next year. This includes project leader Charlotta Turner, who has taken on an exciting new role as Pro-dean at the Faculty of Science. At the same time, we welcome some new members to our group. During the meeting, we will introduce the new project leader and present a slightly modified lineup of the project group.

Learn more: Information meeting on the local program and future plans for the project team, February 5th. Will be held in English.

Before we let go of 2023, let’s take a quick look at some of the highlights from the year.

We started January with a new project team and two newly established steering groups for Stage 2, with a focus on developing a local program by the end of the year. One steering group oversaw the overall work from central parts of the university, and another group was connected to the Faculty of Science and LTH. This steering group is responsible for developing the planned activities in Science Village and providing the necessary groundwork for assembling the local program.

After the project members got warmed up, the spring “design-driven dialogues” kicked off with the architecture firm SWECO. It was a series of workshops where approximately 45 people from various parts of the involved activities and student representatives gathered at four occasions during the spring. The goal was to lay the foundation for a local program by discussing future spatial needs, synergies, concrete areas, and much more. We have gained numerous insights and ideas that in various ways form the basis of our local program.

If you are curious about how it all went, you can read more on our blog:
> Design-Driven Dialogues – An Important Puzzle Piece for Developing Upcoming Premises Programme
> “The design dialogues have provided us with several embryos of what can be done together”

The project team also organized several fantastic study visits both on and off our own campus. In January, we visited, along with participants from the activities, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) at Lyngby Campus north of Copenhagen, as well as the University of Copenhagen. In May, we visited the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen and Science City Lyngby. In August, we arranged an “LU Campus Tour” to be inspired by renovations and new constructions on our own campus.

The purpose of these study visits was to learn from other local program and construction processes for our own establishment work and to inspire participants to consider the role Lund University plays in creating an innovative and attractive research area in Science Village.

We also focused our efforts on the milestones set in the rector’s decision from December 2022. A prioritization order (also called a working order) was submitted in May, and in October, we developed an operational scope proposal. In December, the local program, currently being worked on in collaboration with White Architects, will be submitted.

How have we been working on the premises programme?

We have devoted extensive efforts to the premises programme, especially during the fall. In August, the project team held a meeting at Möllegården in Science Village, where it quickly became apparent that the agenda for the fall would be packed with various activities! Summarizing everything we have worked on is challenging, especially in a blog post, but we have established a close collaboration with White Architects, leading the effort to develop a premises programme. White Architects have conducted site visits to both the visits to both the chemistry and physics departments, as well as Electromagnetism and Nanoelectronics, to better understand the environments and identify what works and what aspects should not be brought to Science Village. All of this is aimed at shaping our analysis of the current state of affairs for a better understanding of our starting point. Together with the project team, White Architects have also organized three highly significant workshops to better understand the learning, student, and laboratory environments, with selected representatives from the organization. A wealth of information emerged from these sessions.

Simultaneously, within the project team, we have actively collaborated with the students to ensure that Science Village becomes a welcoming and tailored space for them. Additionally, we have organized a “technology network,” where technicians from various departments have contributed their insights into technology, work methods, and safety aspects. All of this is to ensure that their experiences and knowledge become an integral part of the premises program. A post about this network will be published here on the blog.

Throughout the year, we kept you updated through numerous information meetings, blog posts, interviews, pictures, and presentations, as well as information dispatches. If you want to delve into everything that happened during the year, take a look at our blog posts and news dispatches.

All blog posts on the LU in Science Village blog.

So, after an eventful year, we want to wish you all a fantastic holiday and look forward to meeting again next year for new adventures! Stay updated by visiting the blog regularly. It is now also possible to subscribe to the blog posts – see the subscription function at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for an amazing year! We wish you all fantastic holidays after a hectic year.

Charlotta Turner
Charlotte von Brömssen
Maria Ovesson
Knut Deppert
Cecilia Schubert
Joanna Oberda

Photo gallery with selected images from the past year:

december 7, 2023

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