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Science Village-establishment, Stage 2

Knut Deppert, professor LTH

Phone: 046 222 95 20 // +46 70 252 49 47

Knut Deppert is the project leader for the faculty-based project, aiming to establish a presence from both the Faculty of Science and LTH at Science Village. Knut Deppert is a professor of aerosol physics at Lund University.

Charlotte von Brömssen, Project Manager at LU Estates and Campus Development Office

Phone: +46 46 222 69 36

Charlotte von Brömssen is a representative from LU Estates in the project.

Cecilia Schubert, Communication Officer

: +46 70 244 61 88 // +46 708 66 13 83

Cecilia Schubert holds the role of project communicator for the Science Village establishment, stage 2. Additionally, Cecilia is responsible for the communication throughout the entire Science Village-establishment process at Lund University. Furthermore, Cecilia provides communicative support within the Faculty of Science.

Other members of the project Stage 2

Joanna Oberda, Project Manager at Property and Security (LTH)
Phone: 046 222 14 50

Herwig Schüler, representant i projektet från kemiska institutionen
Titel: Lektor inom biokemi och strukturbiologi
Telefon: +46 73 663 68 78

Per Eng-Johnsson, representant i projektet från fysiska institutionen
Titel: Professor i atomfysik
Telefon: +46 70 886 88 25

Nanolab Science Village

Anneli Löfgren, Project Manager for Nanolab Science Village and Deputy Director of NanoLund

Phone: +46 46 222 84 99

Fredrik Österberg, Deputy Project Manager for Nanolab Science Village and Construction Project Manager
Phone: +46 46 222 73 48

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