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What is a premises programme?

A premises programme is a documentation that defines the technical and functional requirements for the design and use of a specific building or area. It is typically used as a guide for architects, engineers, and other involved parties when planning and designing a building or facility. The purpose of the premises programme is to clarify and formalize the needs and desires for the future use of the building.

A typical premises programme may include the following elements:

  1. Introduction and Background: An overview of the project’s purpose, goals, and context, including a description of why the building or area is needed and what overarching requirements must be met.
  2. Functional Requirements: A detailed description of how the building or area will be used. This can include various functions, activities, and purposes that the building will serve, such as offices, laboratories, meeting rooms, exhibition areas, etc.
  3. Technical Specifications: Detailed technical requirements, such as electrical capacity, water supply, ventilation system, fire and safety measures, lighting, and other technical aspects crucial for the proper and safe functioning of the building.
  4. Room Layout and Design: A general or detailed plan of how different spaces will be allocated and designed within the building. This can include size, location, and function of each room.
  5. Aesthetic Requirements: Description of preferences and requirements for aesthetics, design, and material choices to be followed during the construction process.
  6. Environmental Aspects: Any sustainability or environmental goals the project should meet, such as energy efficiency, use of renewable materials, etc.
  7. Timeline and Budget: An estimation of the time expected to complete the project and a preliminary budget for the building.
  8. User Involvement: How different stakeholders and user groups have been involved in the design of the premises program and how their needs have been taken into consideration.

The premises programme serves as a vital guide for the entire project, from planning and design to construction and use. It helps ensure that the building or area meets the desired needs and requirements in an efficient and functional manner.

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