Lunds universitet i Science Village

Lunds universitets etablering i Science Village

Lund University’s establishment in Science Village

Wihlborg’s vision image of Science Village with Space in the foreground. Image: Wihlborg

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The establishment work in Science Village holds significant strategic importance for the entire university. Lund University has been investigating a potential Science Village establishment, and which activities should be included, since 2016. In recent years, several steps have been taken towards establishing this by formulating a university-wide vision for the university’s presence in Science Village, as well as clarifying which activities will be affected by a future establishment. Based on this groundwork, it is evident that both the Faculty of Science and LTH, Faculty of Engineering (LTH) are expected to have a direct presence in the area.

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Timeline – A look back at the establishment work
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Presentation about Lund University Science Village-establishment work and buildings in the area (In English, PDF, new page, 13 MB)

The Establishment in Broad Strokes

Lund University’s establishment in Science Village primarily involves Nanolab Science Village, which is expected to move into newly constructed premises around 2028 (subject to change). The establishment of Nanolab Science Village is referred to as Phase 1.

The co-location of major portions of the chemical and physical institutions as well as Electrical and Information Technology (EIT), will be moving into newly constructed premises around the year 2030 as part of Phase 2, also known as “Scenario 5”. This timeline may be subject to change.

The location of Nanolab Science Village in Science Village is determined (see area map below). The location for the activities within Stage 2 has not yet been decided, but the area below, marked in black, is being explored as a potential site for Lund University’s planned activities.

Nanolab Science Village

Lund Nano Lab is a cleanroom laboratory currently situated within the premises of the Department of Physics. The current lab serves over 150 users. The lab aims to relocate to Science Village in order to cater to the needs of all users and keep pace with the rapid developments in the field. The goal is to establish a laboratory for nanotechnology and semiconductor technology that can contribute to addressing significant societal challenges such as renewable energy, environmentally friendly materials, and precision medicine.

The establishment of Nanolab Science Village is part of the initial phase of the university’s establishment in Science Village. Proposed designs for the new lab have been created by KAMIKAZE Architects. These images are merely conceptual representations of the new lab and may not necessarily reflect the final appearance of the building.

Planned relocation for staff to the new lab is approximately 2028 (may be subject to change).

Above are two proposals for how the new NanoLab Science Village could potentially look. These sketches have been created by Kamikaze Architects and do not necessarily depict the final appearance of the lab.

Science Village-establishment Stage 2

As part of Phase 2, the Faculty of Science and LTH have established an operational project group and Steering Group (since January 2023). The project group, in collaboration with LU Estates, will identify future needs for facilities related to research, educational environments, and collaboration from the respective entities.

During 2023, a shared operational description, interrelation diagrams, and a list of facilities will be developed by the project group in collaboration with LU Estates. This material will be presented to the Steering Group for Stage 2, led by Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research, Sustainability, and Campus Development, Per Mickwitz. The foundation for a premises programme for the co-located portions will be based on this material and is expected to be presented and handed in to the Vice-Chancellor by the end of 2023.

The operational project also supports the land use plan and planning program process for the area, conducted in parallel by Lund Municipality, Skanska, and Science Village Scandinavia AB. The operational group continuously provides relevant information to ensure that the planning program and zoning regulations are suitable for the university’s activities.

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Below is a preliminary timeline for Lund University’s Science Village establishment – Stage 2 (in Swedish):

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The Establishment in Science Village (Faculty of Science’s internal webpage)

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