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Lunds universitets etablering i Science Village

How the project team engage students in order to create a student-friendly Science Village

Image from one of several workshops held with students over the past two years, focusing on their needs and thoughts regarding the Science Village development.

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When it comes to the Science Village establishment, questions have been raised about how the student perspective is included by the project group. In this blog post, we provide insight into how we involve students to ensure that their needs and opinions are both heard and considered.

The project team is firmly convinced that it is the students, along with teachers, researchers, technical and administrative staff, and other stakeholders such as companies and organizations, who will make Science Village vibrant and lively. Without students the area will not reach its full potential as an innovative, creative, and pleasant place. Therefore, the project team has taken several initiatives to involve students in various ways:

  • We actively collaborate with our student unions, specifically representatives from Teknologkåren vid LTH (TLTH) and The Science Student Union (LUNA), to ensure that the establishment is beneficial to all parts of the university.
  • At each steering group meeting, a student representative from either TLTH or LUNA participates, and doctoral students, represented by the Science Doctoral Student Council (NDR), also have the opportunity to contribute to discussions and decisions in the faculty-based steering group. A student representative is also present in the steering group linked to the central part of the university.
  • To capture the students’ perspectives, several workshops and discussions have been conducted. Last year, thematic workshops were held by the campus development office on the driving forces behind the University, where students participated and contributed to the work on the campus plan, which the project team has read and taken into account. During this year, a specific student workshop for the Science Village establishment (Stage 2) were held, where we listened to the students’ needs, requirements, and wishes for the upcoming premises programme.
  • In addition, a series of dialogue meetings between the university, the municipality of Lund, and other parties have been held to discuss what makes a campus attractive, and student representatives actively participated in these meetings. Their views and wishes are taken seriously and carefully considered in the ongoing work.

The student unions, TLTH and LUNA as well as the doctoral student union, NDR, have also clearly emphasized how important it is that Science Village not only functions as a place for lectures and studies but also provide spaces for social activities and opportunities to network with organizations and companies.

During the spring’s design-driven dialogues and other initiatives, the project team has continuously involved students to ensure that their voices are heard and considered. We are aware of students’ concerns about commuting distances, costs, and isolation and are actively working to create a vibrant and safe environment in Science Village.

By including the students’ perspective, we strive to create a Science Village that is not only a place for studying but also a place where students thrive, grow, and create memories for life. The university is a workplace for students as much as it is for staff. We are committed to shaping the future of Science Village together with students to make it a place where they truly feel at home and involved.

Written by Cecilia Schubert, Communications Officer for the Science Village establishment, Stage 2

november 29, 2023