Lunds universitet i Science Village

Lunds universitets etablering i Science Village

Previous Organization: Science Village Office

The overarching organization for Lund University’s Science Village Phase 2 establishment was managed by the Science Village Office from July 1, 2021, to January 1, 2023. This office served as a central unit to coordinate Lund University’s presence in the area, with Eva Åkesson, Professor of Chemical Physics and former Vice-Chancellor at Lund University, acting as the coordinator.

In close collaboration with the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Engineering (LTH), the office was responsible for coordinating and implementing the decisions made by these faculties regarding the establishment.

The office ceased its operations in January 2023. The reason for closure was the extensive reorganization of the establishment’s project organization, rendering the office obsolete. The current project organization that is currently in place is detailed on the LU in Science Village blog:

Om Lunds universitets etableringsarbete i Science Village –

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