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Lunds universitets etablering i Science Village

News summary for Lund University’s Science Village establishment – spring 2023


This is a summary of significant events during these past few months related to Lund University’s Science Village establishment. It covers Stage 1, Nanolab Science Village, Stage 2, the co-location of LTH and the Faculty of Science in Science Village, as well as updates on the area in general.

Nanolab Science Village (Stage 1)

Nanolab Science Village, an important part of Lund University’s research infrastructure, has made significant progress in establishing itself in Science Village. The research facility has received significant investments and also taken a big step towards procurement of a landlord:

Strategic collaboration with the Olle Engkvist Foundation: 100 MSEK for Nanolab Science Village (
Next milestone on Lund University’s road to Science Village: landlord wanted (

Science Village establishment (Stage 2)

Work on Stage 2 of LU’s Science Village establishment has also seen further developments during these past few months. Below is a recap on the major organizational changes in the establishment work and current activities.

Project organization
A new project organization has taken over responsibility for Stage 2 of the Science Village establishment. An operational project group, together with an associated steering group and a steering group at the central level of Lund University, have been formed.

Creating a structured plan for Stage 2 has also been a priority for the project organization, including setting clear impact targets and deliverables in a project plan, which can be found below. Read more about LU’s Science Village establishment organization:

The Science Village establishment (Stage 2) organization (in English)
Project plan for the operational project organization (PDF in Swedish)

Continued work for the project organization
A prioritization scheme was submitted to the Vice-Chancellor on 2 May 2023 as per his decision from 15 December 2022 (STYR 2022/2785). The scheme, also referred to in the project group as a rules of procedure (“arbetsordning”), is part of the work process and will help support the evaluation of the upcoming premises programme.

Learn more about the continued work for the project group

Design dialogues
During the spring, the project group, together with the architectural firm Sweco, have organized so-called “design dialogues” with representatives from the organization either involved in or impacted by the Science Village establishment work. The purpose of these dialogues has been to collect data and ideas to design a premises programme and create a basis for future development regarding the co-location of the chemistry and physics departments and parts of EIT. These dialogues are important to ensure that the premises programme and the design of the future research and education environments are adapted to the needs of the users.

So far, three out of four dialogues have been held and a final meeting is scheduled for June 29, 2023, which will be held online. More information on the results of the dialogues will be published on the “LU i Science Village blog” after the summer. Stay tuned!

New project member and contact information
The project group welcomes Joanna Oberda, project manager who previously worked on the Forum Medicum project, to the group. Joanna is warmly welcomed by all members and will soon be further introduced on the blog, together with the other project group members.

Do you want to contact someone from the project group? See our contact list (in Swedish)

Study visits
During the spring, the project group has organized and/or participated in several study visits. Read reports back from some of these visits and what the project group has learned. All blog posts are in Swedish, but we have the ambition to translate these in the upcoming months:

Study visits to DTU and University of Copenhagen
Study visit to the ESS office building
Study visit to Niels Bohr Institute and Science City Lyngby and Microsoft Domicile

Information meeting on Science Village
Welcome to an information meeting about Lund University’s Science Village establishment (Stage 2) on Thursday, June 8 at 13.30-14.30 (coffee from 13.15). Activities that are in any way affected by the establishment are welcome to join, including students. The meeting will be held in Rydberg Hall at Fysicum, and online via Zoom. The information meeting will be held in English.

Do you want to participate on site? E-mail:
Participate online via Zoom via this link (or contact Cecilia Schubert, e-mail above, to receive a calendar invite with the link)
Event: Information meeting about Lund University’s Science Village establishment (Stage 2) (in Swedish)

The Science Village area

Update on the area and campus environment in Science Village
The design of Science Village is in full swing as the area continues to be developed.

Update on the campus environment in Science Village

About the planned motorway exit
The municipal board has recently decided that the municipality will try to find alternative locations for the planned motorway exit to the Science Village area that will enable the university to complete its planned free electron laser while ensuring sufficient and sustainable traffic supply to future buildings in the area.

Read more on Lund Municipality’s website – in Swedish (

About the “LU in Science Village” blog
LU’s Science Village establishment will continuously be communicated on the “LU i Science Village blog”. Information and updates on the blog will cover Nanolab Science Village (Stage 1), LU Science Village-establishment (Stage 2), the campus development work at LU, LINXS, or if there is something new happening in the area in general.

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