Lunds universitet i Science Village

Lunds universitets etablering i Science Village

New Vice-Chancellor decision continues to lay the foundation for the University’s presence in Science Village

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Lund University takes another step towards establishing itself in Science Village, this as per the recent Vice-Chancellor decision made at the end of 2023. This decision builds upon previous decisions from December 2018 and April 2021, where the university board and Vice-Chancellor established guidelines for Stage 2, involving the co-location of the Department of Physics, significant portions of the Department, of Chemistry and sections of Electrical and Information Technology (EIT).

In summary, the newest decision assigns LU Estates, in collaboration with LTH and the Faculty of Science, the task of evaluating the newly developed premises programme from December 2023 for Stage 2. The team will in addition conduct an in-depth investigation of space requirements, aiming to produce a preliminary study to concretize needs and facilitate a smooth transition to the next phase of the project, which involves selecting a landlord through procurement.

Enhanced coordination and organization for the establishment

The organisation of the establishment work is emphasized in the Vice-Chancellor’s decision. The steering committee, chaired by Per Mickwitz, Pro Vice-Chancellor for research, sustainability, and campus development, will retain overall responsibility and supervision for Stage 2. The committee’s mandate expands to encompass comprehensive coordination of both Stage 1, including Nanolab Science Village, and Stage 2. The group will also monitor the conditions for the university’s establishment in Science Village based on municipal and regional planning and the property owners’ area planning.

The faculty-based operational steering group for Stage 2 will continue its mission but with new members due to leadership changes. The group is led by Annika Mårtensson, Assistant Dean of sustainable campus development and widened recruitment at LTH. This group will maintain detailed knowledge of the relevant institutions’ needs and make decisions on complex operational issues. The committee will also oversee the work of organizational development for those involved in the project.

For the ongoing operational work of investigating and producing a preliminary study for Stage 2, a project group is formed, including planners from the LU Estates and representatives from LTH and the Faculty of Science.

A preliminary timetable presented

The processing of the premises programme is expected to continue until the autumn of 2024, and the preliminary study is projected to be completed by spring 2025. The overall goal is to compile the procurement documentation for the landlord by the summer of 2025, enabling the project to progress.

Information meeting about the premises programme
There is an opportunity to participate in an upcoming information meeting regarding the premises programme and future plans for Lund University’s Science Village establishment, Stage 2. The information meeting will take place in Lundmark Hall in Astronomy Building, on February 5, 2024, from 15:00 to 16:15 pm.
Learn more about the meeting.

Members Faculty-based Steering Group

Annika Mårtensson, Chair, Assistant Dean, LTH 
Per Persson, Dean, Faculty of Science
Ola Wendt, Prefect, Department of Chemistry 
Else Lytken, Prefect, Department of Physics 
Two student representatives from Teknologkåren, LTH, and Lunds Naturvetarkår (LUNA) / The Science Doctoral Student Council (NDR)

Members Steering Group LU Central 

Per Mickwitz, Pro Vice-Chancellor for research, sustainability, and campus development
Annika Olsson, Dean, LTH
Per Persson, Dean, Faculty of Science 
Malin Gülich, LU Estates
Student representative

Members of the project team for the Science Village Establishment, Phase 2

Knut Deppert, Project Manager 
Charlotte von Brömssen, Local Planner, LU Estates 
Joanna Oberda, Construction Project Manager, LTH 
Cecilia Schubert, Communications Officer, Faculty of Science
Per Eng-Johnsson, Support, Department of Physics 
Herwig Schüler, Support, Department of Chemistry

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