Lunds universitet i Science Village

Lunds universitets etablering i Science Village

Watch: Vice-chancellor’s webinar on Science Village

What is the basis for Lund University’s efforts to establish itself in Science Village? What decisions have been taken and by whom? How does establishment in Science Village affect the rest of Lund University? These questions and many others were adressed in a Vice-Chancellor’s webinar on Science Village, held on 13 November 2020 with the below participants.
• Sylvia Schwaag Serger, deputy vice-chancellor
• Sven Lidin, dean of the Faculty of Science
• Viktor Öwall, dean of the Faculty of Engineering, (LTH)
• Heiner Linke, NanoLund, Solid State Physics
• Joachim Schnadt, head of department, Department of Physics
Moderator: Christofer Edling, dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences
Questions from the webinar can be downloaded below.
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Below you will also find Heiner Linke’s and Sylvia Schwaag Serger’s presentations:

Questions and answers in Swedish (24 Nov 2020) (PDF)

Questions and answers in English (24 Nov 2020) (PDF)
Sylvia Schwaag Serger presentation 13 November 2020 (PDF)

Heiner Linke presentation 13 November 2020 (PDF)

Learn more about Lund University’s vision for Science Village (Swedish and English)