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Summer greetings and update from the project team

Science VIllage-området tar fart. Byggnad Space till vänster och The Loop till höger, samt Möllan i mitten. Bild av Cecilia Schubert
Science VIllage-området tar fart. Byggnad Space till vänster och The Loop till höger, samt Möllan i mitten. Bild av Cecilia Schubert

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The Science Village Establishment (Phase 2) project team wishes everyone a great summer with lots of well-deserved rest! 🌞 Before work starts again in August, we want to share what we have been working on during the spring. It’s been a time filled with exciting and challenging activities that we’ve previously highlighted on the blog. Here is a brief summary of the spring focus areas:

  1. Evaluation of the premises programme: We have been working on developing evaluation material to assess the premises programme for Scenario 5, which was introduced at the end of last year. This has been done in collaboration with White Arkitekter and business representatives. The work has included producing volume studies and investigating hypothetical action alternatives to enable cost comparisons with a Science Village establishment according to Scenario 5. This intensive work will continue in the autumn.
    Read more about the evaluation work here: Update on Lund University Science Village establishment (Stage 2)
  2. Communication and dissemination of information: We have continuously kept the operational steering group updated, and presented our work to the management teams and boards of LTH and the Faculty of Science, as well as to the management teams of the chemistry and physics departments. A major information meeting on the premises programme for the whole organisation was organised in February this year, where we presented the premises programme and future project plans.
  3. Room function programme: Work has started on the development of a room function programme. This programme is fundamental to the procurement of the construction project and will be actively developed during the autumn.
  4. Planning programme for the area: We have followed and provided continuous input to Lund Municipality’s planning programme for the Science Village area. The programme is the first step in the planning process to study the development of the area in a larger context. Our goal is to ensure that the planning programme meets the needs and wishes of both the university and the students. This work will continue this autumn and it is extremely important to continue to monitor the process with the opportunity to provide input on the programme. We hope that our input will be integrated into the programme.

In addition to this work, we have also conducted an exciting study visit to the newly built Natrium in Gothenburg in June. The study trip was to learn from our colleagues at the Faculty of Science, University of Gothenburg, and gain inspiration for our own work. In May, our students got an insight into the establishment work and a tour of both The Loop and the Science Village area. We also organised a joint meeting with the management of the Faculty of Science and LTH in March to provide an in-depth understanding of the establishment work and the planning programme and to showcase the Science Village area. We also received the news that LINXS will move into The Loop in Science Village early 2025!

We look forward to continuing the work this autumn and wish you all a fantastic summer! ☀️

Read more about the spring activities and activities on the Science Village-blog: