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News Summary for Lund University’s Science Village Establishment for September-October 2023

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This newsletter provides updates and summaries for our subscribers about Lund University’s establishment work in Science Village. The newsletter covers Stage 1, Nanolab Science Village, and Stage 2, which involves the co-location of LTH and the Faculty of Science within the area. Additionally, we highlight the latest events related to the Science Village area. This newsletter covers the period from September to October 2023.

Presentations from the September update meeting
The latest update meeting on September 26 provided participants with insights into the recent progress in the establishment work. The meeting was held both on-site and online and was part of Fysicum’s regular information meetings in Rydberg hall. The invitees primarily included those directly involved in the establishment work. See presentations from Else Lytken, the upcoming head of the Department of Physics, and Anneli Löfgren, project manager for Nanolab Science Village.
English: Update meeting on Lund University’s Science Village Establishment

Guest Blog Post by Vice-Chancellor Per Mickwitz
Per Mickwitz, Vice-Chancellor for Research, Sustainability, and Campus Development, and Chair of the Steering Committee for Lund University’s Science Village Establishment (Stage 2), has written a blog post from his tour of the chemical and physical departments in September. The purpose of these tours was to observe how the departments operate.
English: Per Mickwitz: “Outdated facilities pave the way for Science Village, but well-thought-out planning is crucial”

Project manager Charlotta Turner updates on the premises programme work and what’s happening next year
Charlotta Turner shares insights into the ongoing work related to the establishment, including the latest operational scope proposal for Stage 2 and progress in the premises programme. In the second part of the interview, Charlotta provides an overview of how the establishment work is planned to continue in 2024.
English: Hi Charlotta Turner! What’s currently happening regarding Lund University’s Science Village establishment? (Part 1)
English: Hi Charlotta Turner! What does the work on the Science Village establishment look like next year? (Part 2)

About this blog and news updates

Welcome to the LU in Science Village blog, a comprehensive platform for updates regarding the Nanolab Science Village project (Phase 1), establishment of activities from the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) and the Faculty of Science, as well as updates from the master planning process and the Science Village area as a whole. The blog includes information about the establishment work and related project organization, both for Phase 1 and Phase 2, as well as ongoing updates from the work within both phases.

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