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Lunds universitets etablering i Science Village

Hi Charlotta Turner! What does the work on the Science Village establishment look like next year?

Parts of the project team visiting Forum Medicum. From left: Charlotta Turner, Joanna Oberda, Maria Ovesson, and Charlotte von Brömssen with project leader Jacob Donér. New faces will join the project team next year. Image: C. Schubert.

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Project manager Charlotta Turner explains in this interview how the project work for Phase 2 and Lund University’s establishment in Science Village will proceed in 2024. This interview is part two of a longer interview. If you want to read more about the current status of the space program, we recommend part one, which you can find here:

Many people are wondering how the project work regarding the establishment will continue in 2024. What can we say at this point about the work for next year?

Charlotta: As we look ahead, the project team has already started planning for 2024. One of the most important tasks for next year will be to continue working on the space program to ensure it meets the operation’s needs in the best way.

The project team also needs to review various security aspects and involve the fire department to ensure safe and secure spaces in Science Village. Discussions about the office environments of the future must also begin. It is important to explore how office environments can be designed in the best way to support our employees and their work.

Rental costs also need to be evaluated, and different procurement strategies need to be considered. Since we neither own the land nor the intended buildings, we will need to collaborate with external parties to construct our new facilities, and we will need to consider how these agreements should be structured.

It is very important that this work goes hand in hand with business development. This is not just a construction project; business development is an integrated part of the entire process. Losing focus on the business can be costly, so business operations must be an active part of the work. By business operations, I mean both the faculties, N and LTH, and the affected departments in chemistry, physics, and EIT.

You have been the project manager for the establishment work this year. What will your role be next year?

Charlotta: The project team will continue to exist but with a partially new lineup. We expect to maintain a similar structure but with a new project leader and assistant project leader. I will begin my role as vice-dean for undergraduate education in the Faculty of Science at the turn of the year, and Maria Ovesson, the current assistant project leader, will return to her regular duties at the N office.

A new project leader has not yet been appointed but will hopefully be announced soon. I will continue to have insight and provide input into the work from my new position with a focus on educational matters for the faculty! The steering groups will continue as before, but in the steering group for N and LTH, there will be some new faces as chemistry and physics will have new heads at the turn of the year.

I hope that the project will continue to be a force driving both construction and operational development, with support from LU Building, and with a strong emphasis on collaboration among all parties involved.

november 1, 2023

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