Lunds universitet i Science Village

Lunds universitets etablering i Science Village

Vision for Lund University’s establishment in Science Village

*This is a blog post from 8 september 2020

The University decided in December 2019 to assign Viktor Öwall (Dean of LTH), Sven Lidin (Dean of the Faculty of Science), Erik Renström (Dean of the Faculty of Medicine), Peter Honeth (Special Investigator), Marianne Gullberg (Director of the Humanities Laboratory), Olle Söderman (Project Leader of the Establishment Group), and LUS’s Chairman Gustav Ekström, under the leadership of Pro-Vice-Chancellor Sylvia Schwaag Serger, to develop a vision for Lund University’s establishment of activities in Science Village at Brunnshög. Project leader Carina Jarl provided support to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor in this work.

The purpose of the assignment was to create a vision that would facilitate communication, discussion, and engagement with Science Village from all activities at Lund University.

The vision has now been approved by Vice-Chancellor Torbjörn von Schantz, and he has commented on the vision in a blog post. The vision was compiled based on materials collected at three workshops during the spring with participants appointed by each dean from all faculties. The working group would like to thank all student representatives, representatives from all faculties, and the communicators from Lund University who have participated in the process and thought about the university’s future in the context of the Science Village establishment.

The next step is to shape and communicate the vision so that it generates engagement within the university and among external parties, such as ESS, other universities, government agencies, funders, and actors in the business and industry sectors.

The task of the university and faculty leadership is now to ensure clear leadership, inspiring communication, and effective platforms for continued work, as well as the resources needed to realize the vision.

Download Lund University’s vision for Science Village

Lund University’s vision for Science Village – English version (PDF)

september 1, 2020

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